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Outdoor Cannabis Seeds
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PPP Marijuana SeedsPPP (Pure Power Plant) Seeds
PPP (Pure Power Plant) is a strong, mostly sativa variety developed in late 90’s from South African strains. PPP is latest trend among Dutch commercial growers because of its high yields of the highest priced buds. Pure Power Plant has a pleasant, almost pine, after taste and powerful social buzz.
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Purple Power Marijuana SeedsPurple Power Seeds
Feminized and Regular

Purple Power was developed so purple strains could be cultivated successfully in cold and wet climates. Its ancestors are a Thai/Columbian influenced haze and a very early Dutch Skunk. Purple Power has a unique sweet-sour flavour and is moderate in strength. The buzz is energetic. Buds are darker purple if finished in a cooler environment.
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GBP £55
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Safari Mix Marijuana SeedsSafari Mix Seeds
Safari Mix contains a mix of seeds, mainly hybrids related to White Satin and Kalichakra (parent plants vary). Safari mix is ideal for a colorful variety of quality cannabis, to select unique mother plants, as a safe investment for beginners or budget minded growers, for growers that would like to buy many seeds at low cost, for indoor set-up’s on soil or in hydro, for potted plants on the balcony/terrace, as an inexpensive alternative for guerilla grows.
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Satori SeedsSatori Seeds (Mandala Seeds)
Satori is an exceptionally easy to grow sativa. She has shown impressive hardiness against spider mites and other pests, and she possesses a good measure of mold resistance. As with all our sativas Satori is heat resistant - an added bonus for small indoor environments and hot summer grows. The mainly sweet & fruity-spicy aroma is a real treat for the senses.
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GBP £20
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Sensi Star Marijuana SeedsSensi Star Seeds (Paradise Seeds)
Feminized and Regular
3rd prize: 2005 HighTimes Cup
1st prize: 2004 Highlife Cannabis Cup
Plant of the Year: 2003 HighTimes magazine
2nd prize: 2000 HighTimes Cannabis Cup
1st prize: 1999 Highlife Cannabis Cup
1st prize: 1999 HighTimes Cannabis Cup
Sensi Star produces powerful, resinous, and very compact buds. Complex high that warps both body and soul. Sensi Star works well in a sea of green, hydroponic and soil methods. Produces rock hard colas with a lemony scent and taste. High THC.
Read More Information on Sensi Star Cannabis Seeds from Paradise Seeds

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Shaman Cannabis SeedsShaman Seeds (Dutch Passion)
Feminized and Regular
Feminized SALE - 30% OFF
Shaman is a former variety of Purple/Skunk. This variety is a F1 hybrid of Purple #1 and an early Skunk. About 50% of the plants turn purple during flowering. The variety is 87.5% Sativa and 12.5% Indica.
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Speed Queen Marijuana SeedsSpeed Queen Seeds (Mandala Seeds)
Speed Queen has compact and resiny buds with great “bag appeal” after drying. One pheno has the delicious aroma of orange and citrus. The other a more pungent/skunky note. Fits well into grow spaces where shorter plants are required. Bud leaves are covered in THC glands, but harvesting is a quick operation since all buds remain nice and chunky. Speed Queen is not finicky or difficult to grow. Perfect for beginners and sea of green cultivation that aims for max number of crops per year due to her vigor and quick flowering time.
Read More Information on Speed Queen Cannabis Seeds from Mandala Seeds

Super Skunk Marijuana SeedsSuper Skunk Seeds
Super Skunk is a successful attempt to beef up the famous Skunk #1. This strain is one of the first to match the potency of the powerful import hashish in coffeeshops. Still famous for its potent flavour and strong high. Much easier to grow and manicure than the “white” strains. Yields can be very financially interesting. Also works well in greenhouse or shed operations.
Read More Information on Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds
GBP £17
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Swazi Marijuana SeedsSwazi Seeds
Swazi is an original pure sativa strain from Swaziland. Swazi can grow up to 3m tall with huge 13 finger leaves and has long sticky buds. Swazi is moderate in strength and very suitable for light smokers. This strain produces an active buzz has a unique flavour similar to liquorice.
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GBP £17
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Sweet Tooth Cannabis SeedsSweet Tooth Seeds (Barney's Farm)
Sweet Tooth is the ultimate Sativa/Indica hybrid. It's a high yielding, sweet and powerful plant that gives a perfect blend of both a high and stoned effect. Stable seeds from this multi-award winning beauty.
Read More Information on Sweet Tooth Cannabis Seeds
GBP £39
Swiss Miss Cannabis SeedsSwiss Miss Seeds
Swiss Miss was originally bred in the Swiss Alps. A mix of a very early skunk and a hearty strain Nepal. Swiss Miss can withstand cool high altitude nights. Swiss Miss is mold resistant and can withstand heavy night time condensation. This plant is perfect to cultivate where growing seasons are shorter and colder Swiss Miss is a light smoke with a pleasant skunky flavour.
Read More Information on Swiss Miss Cannabis Seeds
GBP £17.99
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The Hog Marijuana SeedsThe Hog Seeds (TH Seeds)
1st prize - High Times Cannabis Cup
Originally from Tennessee this fat little girl made her way to Amsterdam via Southern California where she had gained a strong following for her knock-out punch. Short stature and an above average yield, the HOG is perfect for experts and beginners alike. Get your hands on one of these little piglets today, and soon you'll be "makin bacon" and living "high on the HOG".
Read More Information on The Hog Cannabis Seeds from TH Seeds

GBP £69
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The Sage Cannabis SeedsThe Sage (TH Seeds)
1st prize: 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup (Hash)
2nd prize: 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup (Blind Test)

The SAGE stands for 'Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium', a well balanced Haze crossed with a robust Indica that produces a power-packed plant with over 20% THC. High THC and low CBD make this perfect head stash. Spicy sandalwood flavor combined with a long lasting and uplifting high. Longer flowering time is rewarded with large buds that will seem to double in size in last few weeks. Fast becoming a legend!
Read More Information on The Sage Cannabis Seeds from TH Seeds
GBP £60
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Top 44 Cannabis SeedsTop 44 Seeds
Top 44 is a top commercial strain and fastest flowering variety. Top 44 stays low and doesn't branch too much making it ideal for confined gardens or sea of green farming. Great balcony producer. Smoke is deep and skunky with a long lasting buzz. Top 44 is strong and easy to grow making it a great selection for the beginner!
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GBP £15
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